Back to Basics Cyclocross Series Results

Here are the overall results for the Back to Basics Cyclocross Series (9/14, 9/21, 9/28).   Please see Mike Beck if you have not claimed your prize.  Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the event.

Single Speed:

  1. Bil Pfaffendorf
  2. Carlos Casali
  3. Jesse Swift

Women’s A

  1. Jenny Gilkerson
  2. Sarah Rawley
  3. Christina Begy

Men’s A

  1. Greg Gorrell
  2. Dan Schuetz
  3. Brady Kappius

Men’s B

  1. Travis Stone
  2. Drew Spafke
  3. Emery Legg

Men’s C

  1. Todd Reisinger
  2. Kristopher Nielson
  3. Maxl Freeman

Juniors 13+

  1. Scott Way
  2. Stephen Haas
  3. Josh Kerven

talk to me. ~sportif

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