“In Search of Nana’s Cup” Week 2

The TRS 80 was fed the data and crunched out the following results.

We had a few debuts to the standings this week, most notably the tandem State Farm boys.  In tenth, the Insurer of the Pain Cave aka Prefontaine aka Mr Iron Man showed his metal as he decimated the rear of the field putting OSAITW in his rightful place.  The Hebrew Hammer aka Carlos Jr rocked the straight bars to garner 5pts that put him on the board in ninth.  With 8pts in eighth place making his first appearance in the standings was Furious George.  In seventh place, the Muscle brought his “A” game out to Monarch HS and put the hurt on the RLW boys.  Sixth place in the standings this week, the Big Teplitzky, received  zero pts as he opted for a bye week.  In fifth, proving that over training can pay off if you are “In Search of DFL” is OSAITW.  The Sheppard of Pain proved that turning your front yard into a private cx course and holding daily races against his wife pays off putting him into fourth.  Lars Zoom keeping it consistent is in third.  With his debut, Speedy T doubled down rocketing him up into second in the standings.  Notorious holds his commanding lead in the standings.

Week 2 Standings:

place, name, (wk1 + wk2), total

  1.  Notorious, (60+25) 85pts
  2. Speedy T, (0 + 41) 41pts
  3. Lars Zoom, (15+17) 32pts
  4. the Sheppard of Pain, (11+12) 23pts
  5. OSAITW, (18+4) 22pts
  6. the Big T, (20+0) 20pts
  7. the Muscle, (7+9) 16pts
  8. Furious G, (0+8) 8pts
  9. Hebrew Hammer aka Carlos Jr., (0+5) 5pts
  10.  Insurer of the Pain Cave, (0+3) 3pts

*NOTE* This is a friendly competition based on the results from the local single speed racing scene and is in NO way affiliated with any governing body or its partners.  This is purely an exhibition, please no wagering.  And remember, derailleurs are for failures.


talk to me. ~sportif

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