i can’t even tell you how i got onto wikipedia’s Belgian Beer entry. it’s not unusual for me to freakishly topic-hop, but usually i can actually document the progression.
not today.
anywho, once there, i began to miss me a good blanche. it’s 5 o’clock somewhere. 
with no good reason, i began to sense some new RLW products. -don’t be starting rumors, people; i am in marketing, not product development. and i cannot confirm or deny new products on the horizon.
BUT if there were to be one/some, wouldn’t you love to sample a little RLW duvel?
the sage wikipediaist writes of blonde or golden ales:

         “Duvel is the archetypal Belgian blonde ale, and one of the most popular bottled beers in the country as well as being well-known internationally. Its name means “Devil” and some other blonde beers follow the theme—Satan, Lucifer and Judas for example.”

there are ABSOLUTELY moments when I could use the excuse, “shit, i don’t know. the duvel made me do it.”
c’mon R&D, make an honest woman of me. ’til then…oh, a squirrel.


talk to me. ~sportif

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