In Search of Nana’s Cup, Week 3

Week three brought only 3 competitors out to Interlocken.  The Big Teplitzky showed some form in taking the top step of the podium.  The series leader took the second step as his mullet somehow tangled up his brakes causing them to drag.  The Sheppard rounded out the field with a strong performance.  Keith Stone was influential in luring a majority of the team away from the race with keg beer and whiskey.  Furious G popped his top and held a party, so needless to say he wasn’t there either.

Notorious held his overall lead with Speedy T still in second.  The Big Teplistzky made a jump to third with a solid effort and some heckling. Fourth place seems to be all tied up as the Sheppard has moved even with Lars Zoom.  OSAITW is holding steadfast in fifth.  In sixth place overall is The Muscle.  With only one “Cup” race under his belt, Furious G is seventh.  Sitting is eighth just waiting to hit it hard is the Hebrew Hammer.  Last but not least, the Insurer of the Pain Cave is secretly training to move up from the ninth position.

Current Standings

  1. Notorious, 95pts
  2. Speedy T, 41pts
  3. the Big Teplitzky, 39pts
  4. Lars Zoom & the Sheppard, 32 pts
  5. OSAITW, 22pts
  6. the Muscle, 16pts
  7. Furious G, 8pts
  8. Hebrew Hammer, 5pts
  9. Insurer of the Pain Cave, 3pts

One response to “In Search of Nana’s Cup, Week 3

  1. Jamie "Furious Jorge" Elsasser

    Let’s just say on Sunday, RLW rocking an all SS team, cleaned up. Nice sprint Mike!, holding off the Belgie Badger…

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