Colorado Cross Clash

A little friendly competition took place last weekend that involved three teams of the hardest hardmen on the Front Range.  These Flahutes, from the beer drinking dad’s league, showed up at an undisclosed location without oversight from a governing body with no registration lines or late fees.  This competition amongst the CO CX Clash riders was hotter than the current feud brewing between the USAC and ACA (but that’s for FMVC to discuss) or even the Rapha-Focus Cross Clash on

The CO Cross Clash was simple; drink a beer, run around the pavilion, then head out onto a course that was not or would not ever be approved by Mud and Cowbells.  And the winner was, well we were all winners for heading out on a Sunday afternoon to hang with friends, talk cyclocross, race bikes, bash the norms, and drink some beer.  And of course we used liberal amounts of embrocation!

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