Primalpalooza 11/6/11 – just a taste


2 responses to “Primalpalooza 11/6/11 – just a taste

  1. Anaka Norfleet

    I tried the flahute after the guy who was manning the booth guaranteed a 4 place improvement. (He was joking) Well, the joke is on him. I placed 4th in the race the day prior to Primalpalooza without the flahute and I placed 1st in Primalpalooza after using the flahute. Thanks guys. I also used the recovery spray after the race.

  2. Hey, Anaka. Congrats!
    We love it when the joke’s on us. Especially if you had a good experience using RLW. Hope we see you at more events in the future; don’t be a stranger.
    And, THANK YOU for the feedback. It means a lot.

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