(1/2) marathon review

well, it’s been a month since the race began. (no, i’m not still running it.)

wait, what? a month and a week? huh. yeah, then it’s about time i post a little something. here goes.

1. did i finish? yes! CHECK.
2. did i have great gear? yes! CHECK. (note: the question was not “did i look good?”)
3. did i get a ticket en route to the event this year? no! CHECK. (damn denver red light cameras.)
4. did i have a VIP porta potty pass? HailsYEAH, thanks, RunnersRoost Lakewood! CHECKCHECKCHECK. 
5. did i go through the frenzied-night-before-clothing/nutrition/bib-layout-music-update-second-guessing-of-everything? shah. CHECK.
6. did i #Prepare? of COURSE. CHECK.
7. did i prepare (as in adequately train)? ummmmmmmmmm…can we go back to #1?
8. did i #Recover? oh, yeah. and let me note that given my answer to #7, this is the ONLY reason i believe i could walk the next day.

hey, there’s always room for improvement, right? looking on the bright side, folks.

bottom line, denver put on an awesome show for race day: brisk, see-your-breath-morning (which was particularly impressive given the gray, shitass cold day before); be-postered, crowd-lined course; bands; encouraging race officials; and generally just good joo-joo.

as one who can get a little too caught up in the competitive spirit (but apparently not enough to actually train…), i used this opportunity to practice ACCEPTANCE of where i was realistically: not trained to put forth a PR effort. it was a day to enjoy a run with a few thousand of my closest friends. it was a day to be proud that i didn’t stay in bed (i know, you bring-on-the-shitass-coldMUD, CX folks don’t get that, but i’m mixed up a little differently). it was a day to push myself, but not too hard. and it was awesome.

a few of my favorite signs (and my commentary) along the 1/2 course (which, by the way, kicked ASS this year – i hope they keep the city park, east high school section the way it was – plenty of opportunity for specators to see runners multiple times without having to fight too many closed roads):
* Relax. You’re not going to win.    (WHAT?? effit. okay, fine.)
* I like your endurance. Call me.    (ha.)
Worst parade ever.    (watchu talkin’ about? great legs abound.)
It’s not sweat; it’s a fat cell crying.    (more like bawling & snotting & …)
* You’ve done worse things for this long.    (true dat.)
* Where are you all going?   (this one still makes me smile. my kinda humor.)
* Bike for rent. $50/mile.   (i’ll meet you in the alley before that next hill. will you throw in yer street clothes, too, pls?)
* Why do all the cute ones run away?    (and why are they so much DamnFaster ThanME?)
* I bet this seemed like a good idea six months ago.    (srsly.)
* Fancy a piggy back ride?    (at this point, it wouldn’t even need to be fancy.)
* Your feet hurt cuz you’re kicking so much ass.    (YEAH!)
* Chuck Norris never ran a marathon.    (if only he was my hero.)
* Don’t stop. People are watching.   (which is about the ONLY thing that keeps me going on the uphill on morrison road after a long run in bear creek lake park.)



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