There is no grit in the basement!

So, the weather here in CO has been pretty stellar! We’re talking 60 degrees and sun! Last weekend had ONE of those days. Saturday was amazing! I rubbed in some RLW and pullled on the knee warmers and hit the road. I wound up riding the fire roads and some gravel for 3 hours and around 45 miles. Came home with grit in my smiling pie hole.

Sunday on the other hand was 25 degrees and 20 MPH sustained winds with gusts up to 40. As I finished my Peet’s coffee, just after sunrise, I contemplated riding in the basement before the family woke up. I reflected on the day before and that’s when I heard Big Scott saying ,”HTFU!” Before I could disagree with the big man I was out the door! Over the first hour my face froze into a perma-grin as I had flashbacks of MN riding, lake racing on the figure 8 of death, and drinking PBR.

It was definitely a day for the books. My training partner (the wind) came to play and put me into the ropes a few times, but I came out on top! Smile on my face and grit in my teeth!

Notorious BIL


talk to me. ~sportif

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