How much snow? How Cold? HTFU!

The past two days has left the front range of CO with 2 feet of snow. Man, I love snow and cold but I had big plans! I was hoping to get at least 3 hours a day of speed work, but Mother Nature had different ideas. I woke up to 10 degrees, clouds, and of course snow. I looked at my trainer once, then twice, and decided to HTFU! So, I ate pancakes and a half slab of bacon and braved the trails.

After getting dressed and rubbing in RLW Flahute I was out the door. The roads were covered in 6 inches of new powder with 5 inches of car track crustiness underneath. No one in the neighborhood was moving and there were no signs of human life on the roads so I knew I would be safe from getting run over or hit by a plow. I was really happy to see my tax dollars at work and that the crew from the City of Arvada had plowed some of the trails the day before leaving only a bit of snow verses the 18 +inches I thought I was going to have to battle.
Living on the front range of Colorado you know that the sun doesn’t stay away for long. Forty minutes into the ride, out she came with all her glory. I quickly heated up and had to stop a few times to remove clothes, hats, gloves, ect. It really is amazing the power of the sun here. I know for a fact that it was not even 20 degrees, but I was sweating like a pig! But everything around me frozen solid. Good thing I only run a single chain ring up front. I am pretty sure that I wouldn’t have been able to shift with these NEW Gore I.C.E cables (see pic)
I had my camera with but didn’t really get any shots. I saw one large male coyote in the snow and he was moving away from me as fast as he could through 3 foot drifts. It was pretty entertaining to watch but to fast to snap a pic.

I really love days like this. No one is on the trails and you can see some amazing things if you dare take your eyes off the snow and ice. Maybe tomorrow I will be able to get in my 3 hours. I am guessing that if the sun stays out all day everything should dry up, or at least the roads and bike lanes. Otherwise I may just have to ride the trainer. Ya right! The trainer! On a weekend, when the world is still spinning. Highly unlikely!
There is NO GRIT in your spit when you ride your trainer!

Notorious BIL


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