Trans Iowa Revisited

Good luck to all of those headed to Grinnell this weekend for Trans Iowa version 8 (the Ocho!)  It is an even year so it will be an adventure! Mark will keep us up to date via Trans Iowa Radio.

Back in 2006, my passion for riding gravel began.  In all actuality it should have ended also.  I am one of the few who can say “I remember TIv2!”  Here is my Trans Iowa post from my blog at the time.  And here is my back story. The official Trans Iowa History has some good reading from TIv2.

Somethings I remember about that event: Leaving Marshalltown in the rain and arriving back in Marshalltown in the rain, stopping in Mallard at a college roommates parents place, sleeping unfittfully at our host housing (creepy place), starting out soaking wet and never drying out, riding into Paulina, regretting leaving Paulina, pushing my bike for miles, riding into Sutherland, pulling the plug, Dave M.’s skull he found in the ditch, beers in Algona, beers in Ames, beers in Marshalltown.

More Trans Iowa to come.


talk to me. ~sportif

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