Back to Basic Cyclocross Series Week 3

Thanks to all the racers who have come out for the first two weeks of racing at the Youth Services Center in Golden, Colorado.

Some items of note:

Course: It will be run clockwise (opposite of last week) incorporating a least one set of stairs.

Registration:  We had some confusion last week during the scoring of the race, so please bring your BRAC Membership Card and your USAC License.  To ensure you are scored correctly please write legibly on all forms. Also, make sure the individual working the registration table gets your information down correctly (name, USAC #, BRAC #, etc.). Remember, the registration personnel are volunteers and it can be overwhelming when 20+ people are waiting in line.

One Day License/One Day Membership: Please write legibly and make sure all information is correct.

Juniors: Since USAC only recognizes children above the age of 10, we currently can not allow children under 10 to race under our current permit.

If you have any questions, please contact Mike Beck or Lee Waldman.


One response to “Back to Basic Cyclocross Series Week 3

  1. Will the start time be the same????


talk to me. ~sportif

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