Cyclocross Checklist

The following Cyclocross Race Checklist was assembled by Routine Leg Works with input from our friends at RRV.


Cyclocross Race Checklist

Race Directors:         

– Makes sure the event runs smoothly.

– Coordinates Officials

– Create a master layout of site with team area, vendors, registration, etc

– Determine Start grid location

– Determine Finish line

– Coordinate with vendors/bike shops/etc

– Coordinate volunteers (ensure that each person has a time slot and job)

– Award ceremony (podium)

– Coordinate emergency personnel

– Update Flyer as needed

– Work with USAC and BRAC

– Arrange Prizing

– Arrange PA/Music

– Obtain change for cash box

– Have lunch plan for volunteers and officials

Course Designer:

– Create a fun and exciting course

– Mark course

– Create map of course

– Post course map on Internet and at site

– Walk course during races to repair

– Create a Pre-Junior course

– Designate pit area

– Arrange for course marshalls (if required)

– Collect needed supplies (stakes, barriers, tape, cones, pit signage, by-pass sign,


– Makes for smooth registration process

– Have numbers/forms pre-sorted per class

– Have lots of entry forms/waivers/etc

– Have supplies (pens, pins, race numbers, sharpie)

– Ensures all racer data is correct

– Collect One-Day USAC licenses

– Collect One-Day BRAC memberships

– Provide a runner to get paperwork to Officials

– Keep a separate list at registration of one-day licenses sold and juniors (this will make paying the officials off of the total race count much easier at the end of the day)

 Logistics Coordinator:

– Create signage (bike race, parking, registration, etc)

– Publicize event

– Arrange Port-o-Lets (extra toilet paper on site)

– Collect Prizing

– Assist Race Directors

– Chairs and tables for Registration and officials

– Area for posting results

Volunteer Coordinator:

– Pre-assigned to time slots/stations parking, registration, results after ACA turns in sheets, course marshals, someone to pick up lunch, someone in charge of totalling &up one-days, annuals if you’re selling them, paying officials, etc


Parking Coordinator:

– Ensure orderly parking in grassy area

– Keep areas clear for emergency vehicles

– Coordinate with teams/vendors for set-up

Here are some links from my past experiences with the Violet Crown Sports Association:

Use any of the information in this post that you find helpful. ~Mike


talk to me. ~sportif

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