We make really good stuff!

I suspect that you may think this is an odd title for a blog post…”we make really good stuff”. Truth be told, I truly believe this! We use the finest ingredients available to hold the medicinal properties of the essential oils blends. We use the finest grade of essentials oils (seriously, they are medicinal grade) to achieve the desired outcome of each product. Our products are good for the skin, the muscles and the respective person.

Of course I believe this, why do I need to write about it? I want you to know that as well.


Pictured is a variety of ingredients including the unrefined shea butter (primary).



It is important to note that the more you massage your muscles with embrocation the more heat you generate and the more blood you bring to your respective muscle group. This helps activate the embrocation and achieve the desired affect.

Enjoy the Ride,



talk to me. ~sportif

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