5 Year Anniversary…Time Flies

The other day I was riding the chair lift with Mike (me snowboarding and Mike telemarking) and he reminded me that RLW had been making embrocation for five years. I took a moment to process and then we both smiled. RLW, as mentioned in a previous post uses the very best ingredients in our hand crafted batches of embrocation made here in Denver. But we also work hard to contribute to the Denver area cycling culture.

Our passion for cycling shows our greatest support to gravel grinder events and cyclocross races. We have a small team of high quality people, that like ourselves donate time and effort to the sport we love. I am so thankful for all RLW has given me, mainly in the form of great friends and a identity in the Denver area cycling community. As I look to the next five years I do not see fame and fortune but rather time spent with friends and family participating in the sports we love.

To recognize our 5 year anniversary we created a 2 ounce two pack including 1 Flahute and 1 Kermise shipped to your house for $16.00. I think of it as an RLW embrocation education. You can check it out here: RLW: 5 year special


This is a limited run special.

Thanks for checking us out and as always, Enjoy the Ride.



One response to “5 Year Anniversary…Time Flies

  1. I have a little sumpin’sumpin’ for your 5th!

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