24 Hours of the Enchanted Forest

June 15, 2013
Gallup, New Mexico

USAC Endurance Mountain Bike Nationals

USA Cycling 24-Hour Nationals 2013 – 2014


A team of 4 from RLW will be participating in this race. The excitement is high especially after Fruita as 3 of the 4 team members will be the same. The venue, course and elevation will be significantly different, not mention an extra 6 hours of ride time. I have not been to the Gallup area, but the previous years race videos have my complete interest.

In my opinion, the elevation will be a significant challenge, as most of the race will be above 8000 feet and will continue to wear on the riders as the race progresses. Another factor will be the length of the laps, as our team has discussed. 19 miles at night can make for a dark lonely ride. I will need to be packing some mental toughness. As a final note, race preparation will be key. This includes a solid race plan, nutrition, and lights. To be honest it is these challenges that really contribute to my enjoyment of these types of events. 

This just a quick brain dump of random thoughts relating to 24 hours of the Enchanted Forest. Please share any additional thoughts. As always, Enjoy the Ride…



talk to me. ~sportif

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