Team members of RLW @ the Growler in Gunnison

This is a fantastic photo that I thinks sums up the RLW team…ImageRide as hard as you can and enjoy great friends. Congrats to to those team members that went to Gunnison and represented!


24 Hours of the Enchanted Forest

June 15, 2013
Gallup, New Mexico

USAC Endurance Mountain Bike Nationals

USA Cycling 24-Hour Nationals 2013 – 2014


A team of 4 from RLW will be participating in this race. The excitement is high especially after Fruita as 3 of the 4 team members will be the same. The venue, course and elevation will be significantly different, not mention an extra 6 hours of ride time. I have not been to the Gallup area, but the previous years race videos have my complete interest.

In my opinion, the elevation will be a significant challenge, as most of the race will be above 8000 feet and will continue to wear on the riders as the race progresses. Another factor will be the length of the laps, as our team has discussed. 19 miles at night can make for a dark lonely ride. I will need to be packing some mental toughness. As a final note, race preparation will be key. This includes a solid race plan, nutrition, and lights. To be honest it is these challenges that really contribute to my enjoyment of these types of events. 

This just a quick brain dump of random thoughts relating to 24 hours of the Enchanted Forest. Please share any additional thoughts. As always, Enjoy the Ride…


2013- 18 Hours of Fruita Race Report

This will be pretty short and sweet. I had a blast at this race. It started at midnight and wrapped up at 6pm. The RLW team finished 8th this year as compared to 4th last year. Interestingly enough we had 32 laps and improved the time from last year by more than 15 minutes. The team was on it, taking advantage of every opportunity to ride, as we always had someone on course. Luck was with us on the course as we no mechanicals or flats. Lap times ranged from 34 minutes in the dark to a couple mates knocking out some 30 & 31 minute laps. This team was awesome! We all competed and rode our eyeballs out and had a blast. I have included a couple pics from around camp. Hope to be back next year! Huge congrats to the duo Gates team for rocking the win.ImageImageImageImageSo not much racing action. Hope to pick up a couple over the next week to share. Next up 24 hours National Championships at the Enchanted Forest. Stoke is high following this event and much has been learned. However, we will be faced with a very different set of challenges! More to come. As always thanks for checking us out.

Enjoy the Ride


Save 20% for in person purchases in Fruita

Extending a 20% discount on the sale of RLW products in Fruita at 18 hour race when purchased in person. Look forward to seeing you out there!

Enjoy the Ride



Stoked! 18 Hours of Fruita

The RLW team is very excited to get to Fruita this Friday! Lack of training, kids activities, and snow have hampered us all in the fitness department. None the less, the energy is palpable to get on our mountain bikes and ride our hearts out.

I would love to see you out there and share all the RLW embrocation goodies I can pull together. So please hello, share a war story and hopefully a hoppy beverage. Good luck to all participants!

Follow all the RLW race shenanigans on instagram…rlw_embrocations

Enjoy the Ride




5 Year Anniversary…Time Flies

The other day I was riding the chair lift with Mike (me snowboarding and Mike telemarking) and he reminded me that RLW had been making embrocation for five years. I took a moment to process and then we both smiled. RLW, as mentioned in a previous post uses the very best ingredients in our hand crafted batches of embrocation made here in Denver. But we also work hard to contribute to the Denver area cycling culture.

Our passion for cycling shows our greatest support to gravel grinder events and cyclocross races. We have a small team of high quality people, that like ourselves donate time and effort to the sport we love. I am so thankful for all RLW has given me, mainly in the form of great friends and a identity in the Denver area cycling community. As I look to the next five years I do not see fame and fortune but rather time spent with friends and family participating in the sports we love.

To recognize our 5 year anniversary we created a 2 ounce two pack including 1 Flahute and 1 Kermise shipped to your house for $16.00. I think of it as an RLW embrocation education. You can check it out here: RLW: 5 year special


This is a limited run special.

Thanks for checking us out and as always, Enjoy the Ride.


Big Ring Cycles- Sale!

Our good friends at Big Ring are having their big sale! Take advantage of the good deals and find yourself some RLW embrocation on sale.


Big Ring works hard on the local scene and this sale benefits a great cause.

We make really good stuff!

I suspect that you may think this is an odd title for a blog post…”we make really good stuff”. Truth be told, I truly believe this! We use the finest ingredients available to hold the medicinal properties of the essential oils blends. We use the finest grade of essentials oils (seriously, they are medicinal grade) to achieve the desired outcome of each product. Our products are good for the skin, the muscles and the respective person.

Of course I believe this, why do I need to write about it? I want you to know that as well.


Pictured is a variety of ingredients including the unrefined shea butter (primary).



It is important to note that the more you massage your muscles with embrocation the more heat you generate and the more blood you bring to your respective muscle group. This helps activate the embrocation and achieve the desired affect.

Enjoy the Ride,


Thanks to Balm Co.

A quick thank you to the Balm Co. for several reasons:

1. Providing embrocation education.
2. Providing a resource for athletes to learn more about products that are available, and what they can expect from a variety of product types.
3. Providing an unbiased product review in a constructive manner.

So thank you for your time and effort! Based on your review, the water content in our chamois cream, Caboose Juice has been reduced.

An example of a review is linked below of our Recovery oil.

RLW Recovery Review


Change in latitude

I just got back from an awesome vacation week of family, beach and surfing. This kind of surfing included knee to thigh high sized waves, which are perfect for me to continue to learn how to surf, and also good to get my kids to enjoy a few rides. I usually get to surf once a year as I visit my father on the east coast. He is kind enough to store my longboard, 9’6″ Dewey Weber built in the 80’s. This board is a classic and helps me progress with my limited ability to surf. Each year I try to prepare for this week, countless push ups, core exercise and yoga all in hopes to be better equipped for the fitness of surfing. Part of the plan this year was to try and improve recovery after each session. I used both our Kermise and Recover embrocations to make the most of the recovery time.

Family, beach and surfing. It was a great week, and I feel very blessed.

Thanks for checking out the blog.