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RLW looking forward to 18 hours of Fruita


The team team is assembled, and plans for world domination are in the works. They who have the most fun win. We can’t loose. Hope to see you out there in enjoying the amazing venue and loving riding your mountain bike!

Thanks for checking in…Chad


Cyclocross Checklist

The following Cyclocross Race Checklist was assembled by Routine Leg Works with input from our friends at RRV.


Cyclocross Race Checklist

Race Directors:         

– Makes sure the event runs smoothly.

– Coordinates Officials

– Create a master layout of site with team area, vendors, registration, etc

– Determine Start grid location

– Determine Finish line

– Coordinate with vendors/bike shops/etc

– Coordinate volunteers (ensure that each person has a time slot and job)

– Award ceremony (podium)

– Coordinate emergency personnel

– Update Flyer as needed

– Work with USAC and BRAC

– Arrange Prizing

– Arrange PA/Music

– Obtain change for cash box

– Have lunch plan for volunteers and officials

Course Designer:

– Create a fun and exciting course

– Mark course

– Create map of course

– Post course map on Internet and at site

– Walk course during races to repair

– Create a Pre-Junior course

– Designate pit area

– Arrange for course marshalls (if required)

– Collect needed supplies (stakes, barriers, tape, cones, pit signage, by-pass sign,


– Makes for smooth registration process

– Have numbers/forms pre-sorted per class

– Have lots of entry forms/waivers/etc

– Have supplies (pens, pins, race numbers, sharpie)

– Ensures all racer data is correct

– Collect One-Day USAC licenses

– Collect One-Day BRAC memberships

– Provide a runner to get paperwork to Officials

– Keep a separate list at registration of one-day licenses sold and juniors (this will make paying the officials off of the total race count much easier at the end of the day)

 Logistics Coordinator:

– Create signage (bike race, parking, registration, etc)

– Publicize event

– Arrange Port-o-Lets (extra toilet paper on site)

– Collect Prizing

– Assist Race Directors

– Chairs and tables for Registration and officials

– Area for posting results

Volunteer Coordinator:

– Pre-assigned to time slots/stations parking, registration, results after ACA turns in sheets, course marshals, someone to pick up lunch, someone in charge of totalling &up one-days, annuals if you’re selling them, paying officials, etc


Parking Coordinator:

– Ensure orderly parking in grassy area

– Keep areas clear for emergency vehicles

– Coordinate with teams/vendors for set-up

Here are some links from my past experiences with the Violet Crown Sports Association:

Use any of the information in this post that you find helpful. ~Mike

Mile High Urban CX Chaos

Check out this video from Sunday’s cyclocross race in downtown Denver. Thanks to OnSight Media for shooting some sweet scenes from the Single Speed race.  More on the race here.

Back to Basics Cyclcross Series Wrap up

Thanks to all that were able to attend this mid-week series.  The turn out was huge with 1047 racers coming out to get in on some cyclocross racing. Also, thanks to the officials, volunteers, family members, and Lookout Mtn Youth Services.

Week 6 results are posted on the BRAC website.

Look for overall results posted here within the week.

Thanks again, Mike

Back to Basics Week 5 Overall Standings

Back to Basics Week 4 overall Results

Overall results through week 4.

Questions or commments please contact Lee Waldman

Back to Basics CX Series Week 4

Thanks to all that attended last evenings cyclocross race in Golden, Colorado. 162 racers came out to do laps around the course at the Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center course.

The results are posted on the Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado website.

Only two more weeks of racing.

Back to Basics CX Race Week 3 Overall Results

After 3 weeks of racing, here are the standings.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments please contact Lee Waldman.

Video of Men C and Women A Start

Men C Race Start:

Back to Basics Cyclocross Race – Men C Start from Michael Beck on Vimeo.

Women A Race Start:

Back to Basic Cyclocross Series – Women A Start from Michael Beck on Vimeo.

Back to Basic Cyclocross Series – Time Change


Results of Week 3 of the Back to Basic Cyclocross Series are posted on the BRAC Website.

Please note some changes to the race times:

Men C, Women A & B, JM 10-12, and JM 13+ will have a start time of 5:15 pm and will be racing for 30 minutes.

Men A, Men B, and Single Speed will have a start time of 5:50 pm and will be racing for 35 minutes.

Other items of note are that ALL Juniors are required to have an USA Cycling License but do not need a BRAC Membership.

This is the revised flyer:  B2B version 2

Thanks again to all those who have come out and raced.