There’s no such thing as a silly
                                                                                                          …or is there?
A Google search of “embrocation” [that’s em·bro·ca·tion, noun \em-br-kā-shn\] returns about 565,000 results in about 0.10 seconds, so feel free to follow up there, but we like to explain that our RLW embrocations are all-natural balms and oils to help athletes prepare for and recover from their favorite active endeavors.

~Why should I use RLW products?
Overall, we believe in the beneficial properties of all the ingredients that go into each RLW product; that’s why they are included. But on top of that, as endurance and life-long athletes, we appreciate that our products help us feel good before a workout, help keep our muscles pumping during exercise, and get us ready for the next outing.

~How do I use your products? 
Our embrocation products are created to increase circulation, which improves performance. For Flahute, Flahute +,  Kermise, Prepare, and Recover, we recommend you apply an ample amount of RLW into your palm, and warm it by rubbing your hands together. Next, thoroughly massage the embrocation into the muscle group you’re targeting. 
You probably get how to use our Shave oil, right? Let us know if not.
And we really don’t want to get into the details of the application process for our Caboose Juice chamois cream, but we’re adults and can go there if necessary. As with all questions/comments/wtf items, please email sportif@routinelegworks.com. We crave communication!

~WTF is “flahute”? While you’re at it, go ahead and define “kermise,” too, please.
“Flahute” is a Flemish term used to describe the hardest of hardmen of cycling. These are the guys who are all about the long, hard races in less-than-ideal conditions. Our signature product was so-named in honor of those who ride hard on midwestern gravel. 
Another Flemish term, “kermis” is a bike party (our product kermise is kinda like a party on your legs) in a small town, usually following a major bike race. During kermises, the cyclists typically ride many laps that repeatedly come through town. We like to think the townsfolk share their beer with the riders. We would.

~How ’bout “sportif?”
At RLW, we speak many languages (think counting to ten in Spanish, English, and the always-impressive Pig Latin), so we adopted a French word “sportif” which translates to “sports” in English. In cycling, the ‘directeur sportif’ is the person directing a cycling team, and you probably remember Sportif Spice from the 90s? We associate our product more with the former than the latter; but, Sportif, if you need any embrocation, you know who to call, oui?

~Where did the name ‘Routine Leg Works’ come from?
We believe all aspects of training are best when performed out of habit, as a Routine. Taking care of our Legs before and after we ride, run, or recreate, has become our habit. It Works for us. [Yeah, that last one was a bit of a stretch.]

~Which RLW do YOU use the most? Why?
Routine Chad would probably tell you he runs out of Flahute most often, simply because it’s so versatile. Cold weather rides on legs, ski days on feet, warm weather on wive’s bare, silky arms…we digress.
Routine Mike might say he most appreciates the Recover oil, as both he and his wife cannot seem to stop once they start. Get out, you guys. He’s a sucker for endurance cycling, and she for high-altitude, trail marathons. Those events do a number on the legs, and the essential oils speed the recovery process after the muscles have been taxed.
Routine Kjirsten appreciates the shave oil, imagining she’s relaxing in a warm, (it’s imaginary, right?) mountain spring. When she can get her a$$ moving, she rubs in a little Prepare and Recover, sandwiching her runs.

Okay, what other Q’s can we answer? Shoot ’em over to sportif@routinelegworks.com.