Some of us prefer a butter-based embrocation; Flahute is the answer. Its shea butter base is blended with carefully selected essential oils to create an embrocation that warms muscles for colder days of riding or running or whatnot. Flahute is not intended to block the wind, but the essential oils do stimulate circulation to create warmth, and the shea butter paints your skin with a light sheen that’s sure to intimidate the racer next to you. See ya! Its scent inspires visions of fall cyclocross or pavé for the spring road warrior. In any season, this product warms your muscles and keeps them running smoothly for several hours. Plus, it’s great for your skin.

* 4 oz. screw-top tin
Application: Two-finger swipe the embro from the tin, and vigorously massage into your muscles. Feel the burnnnnn.