flahute+ (wax) ***NEW**

Flahute+ (Flahute PLUS)
          Plus what? Plus WAX.
Flahute has become a fall classic and continues to develop a strong reputation as a comfortable convenience to the inspired athlete. This next-generation butter blend continues to provides a barrier for the skin, and with a touch of wax added to the recipe, we are able to knock down some of the weather elements. The wind, rain, and mud have one more barrier to overcome with this embrocation.
Flahute+ uses several unique ingredients to provide a warming affect for the muscles in cool or cold weather.  It warms the muscles, reduces the affects of weather elements and keeps the legs running smooth for several hours. Also, it’s great for the skin.
* 4 oz. screw-top tin
Application: Use two fingers to scoop some of that butta from the tin, rub it into legs or desired area to activate those muscles AND provide the extra layer against the weather.


talk to me. ~sportif

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