the back story

RLW has been around for over three years, officially born in 2008. we’ve come a long way, baby. to our signature embrocation, Flahute, we’ve added five seven more products, and there are more (yes, MORE) in production. but let’s go back a little further:

routine chad is a son-of-a…oh, wait, we mean is the son of a massage therapist, grandma mary. grandma mary was the first to begin blending essential oils in the perfect recipe to enhance chad’s athletic antics. as she continued to study the benefits of essential oils, mary tweaked the recipe, and chad tweaked fewer muscles.

always one who shares and plays well with others, routine chad suggested fellow flahute (in the cycling world, flahute is a Flemish word used to describe the toughest riders in the fiercest races) and friend routine mike try the proprietary blend to aid his recovery after his crazy-ass gravel-grinding rides.

the guys decided there was definitely something about mary‘s concoctions. and they knew many others who could benefit from the goodness that has come to be known as RLW.

continuing to work with mary, the guys developed butter and essential oil-based embrocations to use before and after their training and race rides and runs. friends began to mooch take interest in the products, and so finally the guys realized it might be a good idea to try to make some money share the goodness.

we all dream, right? actually it’s just been a awesome way to “love what you do & do what you love.” maybe some day the fame money Embrocation Cycling Journal interview will come. 

til then, we’ll keep grindin’.